Authorities Encourage To Spend Money On Businesses That Are Small

Authorities Encourage To Spend Money On Businesses That Are Small



These smaller companies are the drivers of every market, sadly our authorities over the years hadn’t seen the need for this sector and instead turned their focus on larger companies, both locally and foreign owned.

She indicated her heart-felt appreciation towards church people and the Inventor, households, pals who endured during her situations that were challenging on her in addition to assisted her goals to be reached by her in existence. Mr Rchard Yaw Asante, retailers in consumable goods at Medina Marketplace, of Asante and Asante Limited, was among the two prize winners for resilience and his commitment in the face of discouragements at the market for close to three decades.

He said apart from access to credit, they also had trouble with their customers and companies as they were untrustworthy and occasionally took away their goods without paying them.

He noted that those bonuses, if redirected to smaller companies, would help grow their market in addition to address the unemployment issues facing developing countries.


The Makola Institute is geared toward bridging the knowledge breaks up at the market place by providing technological abilities and free basic direction and low cost consultancy services to large numbers of market place company operators.Local-Authorities

Training programmes and these services would be supplied in the local languages and in English . Prof Manu said the goal of teaching practical skills was really essential for efficacy and the survival of the dealers and commended the initiators for his or her vision and obligations.

He stressed the need to acquire the abilities of entrepreneurs and dealers to be efficient to grow the market. He encouraged financial institutions to examine the fantastic thoughts behind those companies instead of the security guarantee, adding; “it’s about time we shifted our thinking about our dealers in Makola”.

Prof Joseph Ofori-Dankwa, Founder of Makola Institute and the Executive Chairman, said the institute sought to transfer development principles and company survival to religious groups, schools and corporate associations in the market.


He clarified the name “Makola” can be used as a metaphor, emblematic of markets around Ghana and Africa and is in partnership with the Street Education Project to reach their aims.

Mrs Comfort Oduro- the Chief Executive Officer of Makola Institute, Nyarko, recounted her injury as a dealer at the Kaneshie and Makola marketplaces and how she overcame major challenges and hurdles.

He, thus, encouraged the authorities of business directory to permit the system to handle offenders who have been duping companies to face the full rigors of regulations, saying, “these unlawful actions are bringing most successful companies down”. The Makola Institute has offices in Kaneshie and Makola marketplaces and would be extended to other markets.


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