Hey! Who’s Wearing a Hublot?


From sports icons to movie stars and music legends to actual blue-blooded royalty, Hublot watches have won the hearts and adorned the wrists of celebrities across the globe.

While the legacies of Swiss brands have taken centuries in the making, Hublot achieved it all with just over 35 years in the watchmaking industry. Far younger than most of its competitors today, the brand holds its own as a much-needed breath of fresh air in the world of watchmaking. You can check out the eclectic style of the Hublot watches at certified showrooms and retailers like Ethos Watch Boutiques. Hublot watches have created a distinctive and dynamic statement with their innovative designs and technology, loved by loyal fan following of renowned global figures.

So who are these A-listers rocking Hublot’s finest? Here’s a look:

Thanks to the brand’s expertise in sports watches, Hublot watches have emerged especially triumphant in the field of sports, cornering the market effortlessly with their sports-inspired designs. Many world-class athletes and sportsmen are regularly seen sporting Hublot’s creations. Any guesses?

Hint: there may be a controversy or two about this man’s hand having a bit of a divine touch!


Football superstar, Diego Maradona, is as much a fan of Hublot, as we are of him. The legend proudly wears not one, but two Hublot watches!

Hublot revealed a limited edition of the Big Bang during the FIFA World Cup 2010 hosted in South Africa. The watch was launch by Maradona, (2 of which were) worn throughout the tournament by Maradona, and dedicated to none other than Maradona himself. 100 points to Hublot for the most strategic launch ever –when all eyes were on the legend, the 2 stunning models were hard to miss. The Argentine footballer’s famous jersey number ‘10’ is inscribed on a sub dial next to the 3 o’clock marker, making the limited edition an absolute must-have for watch-lovers and football fans akin!

Next up, the ‘Black Mamba’ dominating the net!

When Hublot signed on Kobe Bryant as brand ambassador, the brand snaked right into the basketball court and the eyes of NBA’s massive following –much like Bryant’s nickname on the court, the fearsome snake, ‘Black Mamba’. Inspired by his sportsmanship, the collaboration went on to create a stellar limited edition, befittingly named the ‘Black Mamba’.


The timepiece features subtle hints of purple and yellow –the jersey colours of Bryant’s NBA team, the Los Angeles Lakers. With a design as formidable as the man, and as fearsome as the snake itself, we’re sure Bryant’s pleased with Hublot’s artistry! I mean, just look at that face, could he be any more proud?

Hublot’s dominance on the basketball court doesn’t end with Bryant: there’s yet another A-list b-baller on their ballot!

Dwayne Wade is yet another basketball superstar to support Hublot as brand ambassador. The partnership resulted in an exclusive ‘King Power D-Wade’ model that’s put Hublot bang in the middle of the Miami Heat fandom.


Infused with the black red and gold of Wade’s Miami Heat jersey, the timepiece is undoubtedly set temperatures soaring in the watchmaking and basket balling worlds alike! The star’s regularly seen sporting various editions of the King Power.

The next legend in line would have beaten them all to the top, given the chance –it’s none other than the fastest man on the planet, Usain Bolt!


The runner’s iconic golden spikes inspired the design of Hublot’s ‘King Power Usain Bolt’ –rich with the characteristic gold and black. Elements of green on the dial pay tribute to the star’s home country, Jamaica. I’d be surprised if the limited edition ticker didn’t sell out as fast as its namesake!

Popular for conquering courts and tracks, Hublot’s excellence has breached the music scene as well. Among popular artists who sport Hublot, here’s one that’ll sure spark your attention. This chart-topping musician is known to have 99 problems, but surely, a Hublot can’t be one of them! Ring a bell?


Sean ‘Jay Z’ Carter is another big fan of Hublot’s work. The rap legend has a number of luxury watches to his name, including Hublot’s finest. The brand was quick to snag him on board to launch a limited edition collection. This stylish gold and leather limited edition is as captivating as his long-standing legacy in music.

Jay Z love for Hublot, turned into a family affair when singer songwriter, and let’s just admit, queen of the world, Beyoncé presented him with the single most bedazzling timepiece ever made (by Hublot, or otherwise). The timepiece is reportedly encrusted with over a 1000 diamonds. Now if that’s not true love –for partners in life, and Hublot, of course—then what is?

Following the celebrity list of Hublot-lovers is none other than kings and princes themselves. Kings of Greece, Spain and Sweden and the Prince of Monaco were quick to notice Hublot’s style, and introduced it to a host of royals and nobility –making Hublot not just a common household name, but a legacy among royalty!

Now that you’ve got sports icons, artists extraordinaire and royalty donning Hublot, see you on board the star-studded bandwagon soon!


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