How To Spy On Your Competitors For Free

How To Spy On Your Competitors For Free


When it concerns competitors, the very first thing any company or business would like to know is if their rival is utilizing something and how well are they utilizing it.

And same goes for Facebook Advertisements (FB Ads).

You need to know your competitors’s Facebook advertisement method – however you’re most likely not seeing them all by yourself newsfeed.

Thankfully, there are different method which make it unbelievably simple to see exactly what your rivals depend on and how can you reproduce their success on your Facebook Advertisements.

This short article note down all the tools out there that will assist you spy on the advertisements your rivals are running.

Besides understanding WHICH advertisements they’re running, you undoubtedly likewise wish to know WHO they are targeting.

There’s a technique to find that also, see below …

1. AdEspresso spying

Really powerfull and FREE tool to spy on your competitors campaigns on Facebook. Great way to get some clues on how you should format your ads, which pictures work, which description works and many other things you can get from it. Before i create any ad i always use this tool to get an idea of how my ad should look etc.. You should too!

2. Shortlinks spying

Simple but yet powerful trick! It’s about spying on shortlink statistics, copy or of your competitors(example ) then just add “+” at the end of the link (so example link would look like this Now you will get complete analytics on how many people clicked on link, from which country,device they are coming. Great way to spy on your competitors targeting countries and get overall conclusion of success of an ad.
How To Spy On Your Competitors For Free

3. Facebook trick

Simple but yet still powerfull trick to use. When you’re scrolling trough your NewsFeed and see an ad that you want to know which targeting used just click on three dots (like on the picture below) and click on “Why am i seeing this” option.
How To Spy On Your Competitors For Free
When you click you will see usefull informations of age range, country and interests (or even pixel if it shows because you visited their site). Useful things to consider and get an idea where you should target! 🙂
How To Spy On Your Competitors For Free

4. Adsvantage

Really useful tool to spy on tons of ads on Facebook. It is paid servise but you will get some free trial, trying with various emails and VPN’s will extend the time of use. Amazing tool to be honest, you can get really cool insights and examples of some big heads in the game!

5. Fanpage karma

This is really cool online tool to check out. With this you can spy competitors fan page and know how they’re doing, what’s viral on their page, how much interactions they have. Just take some time to research their page and you will find something you 100% didnt knew! Amazing tool! It’s paid service but you have 14 days trial with one Facebook profile, which means if you have some Facebook profiles in back you can use it unlimited and just switch! You should really try it, you’d be amazed!

How To Spy On Your Competitors For Free
How To Spy On Your Competitors For Free


This is the tool that will show you some amazing PPC campaigns of your competitors. Another great way to find out how they’re doing things and get some ideas!
How To Spy On Your Competitors For Free

7. BuzzSumo

Really powerful tool to see what is tranding on social medias based on your competitors site, you can sort things on many ways and pick a perfect product, content or anything you want. Before i do anything i use this tool to see what is working what is not working!
How To Spy On Your Competitors For Free


This is just a small tips on spying competition. Some of the tips are from various blogs on the internet (don’t write down “you copied this or that” because i didn’t wanted to get someones work, just wanted to share with members here) and some of the tips are from my personal experience. Before starting any journey you need to do proper research of your competition, so start with this!

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