Top A-Level Chemistry Revision Strategies

Top A-Level Chemistry Revision Strategies


A-Level Chemistry

Malaysia A-Level Chemistry Assessment Tips

1. Always make sure that you read round the subject, especially when it is not understood by you. You will find many resources in addition to your own school materials, either on-line or in the library.

2. In case you get stumped by means of a question, do not contact your tutor without having tried to work it out. Frequently, the solution can be found by you with a few research – doing so will help you develop your research skills, which are necessary for when you move onto university.

3. Never attempt to duplicate the work of someone else’s; your tutor will detect and you’re making the assessments more difficult for yourself!

4. Especially when it has several components read each question carefully and reply every part.

5. When it’s a test, you may get an additional mark, if it is practice, your coach can see in case you’re heading in the correct way and guide you so.

6. If you have to calculate something, ensure that you reveal all your formula and working out. In case the answer isn’t right, you could get marks for revealing the procedure inside the calculation.

7. The number of marks in a question is important, you may use a one word answer for one question, but more detail is needed by a four mark question. Try to give one point per mark.

How to Revise

1. Re-read make summary notes and the course contents. Instead, you may use the summary provided at Chemistry Summary. Once you have made your notes, an excellent idea would be to make your own cards that are prompt – easy to read notes summarising point or each new fact that you don’t remember readily.

2. Practice questions – it is possible to normally see last years exam questions on the Examination Board’s web site. Take the time to familiarise yourself with all the different kinds of question.

3. If you do not understand any issue or sections, try and seek out additional examples in an internet search engine or on YouTube search like example Alkenes, mole calculations, Isomers, Reactions of bases and acids.

4. For all calculations, Search other examples question or paper to practice.

Malaysia A-Level Chemistry

5. Without looking at your notes then do them. Then do it using notes and should you fail to do any question, look it up, learn, redo and first attempt each time without looking at your notes. At this point it is OK to go through the notes when you get stuck.

6. The homework give you the types of questions in the examination, so brief answered and organized sort -questions, and much more detailed essay-type questions. For all calculation display out all working in addition to be sure you provide the response required. In case you do not know the response compose or guess an answer as regularly you may get some marks or even be right!

7. Students think they are able to learn just by reading a textbook, this really is usually ineffective, the lone way to demonstrate you’re learning is without utilizing the textbook by trying past papers and questions.

What to Revise

An exceptional and for me the best guide for each of the matters covered by AQA syllabus these are the most concise outline notes. Again use Youtube for explanation of areas or any subject which you do not understand.

The Realistic Evaluation

If you’re able to, look for a nearby school or college at which you might manage to observe or take part in the practical or experiments parts of the class. If you are unable to, every experiment you must learn about may be located on YouTube, just search for the topic in the YouTube search bar.

PS. Don’t lose symbols to mistakes that are silly!

Do not waffle or contain lots of words that are unnecessary. If unsure write the solution in pencil in case you may not have time to come back to the response. When doing any mathematical calculations show all working out.


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