Shopee Malaysia to strike at one million users ahead of target


Shopee Malaysia’s consumer-to-consumer (C2C) services were accessible since last June and formally established by the end of a year ago. At some time, it said it’d which has grown to 500,000 now. number 200,000 users, a

In accordance with Ho, among the reasons why it’s gained traction quicker than anticipated is the business’s focus on security and fraud.

“Simply, I believe we replied the unmet demands our opponents are not performing in.

Trade danger and “Fraud are common problems in C2C platforms that are present, severely undermining the advantages of the user experience and online shopping.

We expect to change that by really being a risk-free and hassle-free market he declared.

Ho admitted that Shopee users have reported several instances of attempted fraud on the stage, but maintained that it’s “not conscious of anyone getting conned while transacting on Shopee far.”

“This is due to several variables, including carrying on a rigorous screening procedure, supplying a secure payment gateway that removes trade hazards, and ensuring that things recorded on Shopee are of high quality,” he said.

“We additionally … work closely with top logistics suppliers to ensure efficient and dependable end to end deliveries for our users he included.

Another variable that helped gain traction that is Shopee is its localisation strategy, in accordance with Ho.

“Shopee’s products are localised and customised for each marketplace, therefore we react to local needs quicker and considerably better,” he said, including that ‘one-remedy-for-all platforms that were ’ this is catered to by cannot.

Ho said that Shopee also recently rolled out Malay language support that would enable it to reach a broader audience.

Comprehending customer demand

In some ways, additionally, it competes with business to consumer platforms like

“we’re continuing to enhance our Seller Assistance Guide, which direct people on the best way to handle their retail company ” he said.

“Sellers can put it to use handle their buyers, to easily organise their stock, gauge their income, and value their shop’s operation.

Which means the cost of capital is kept low for people who desire to begin a company search malaysia, however classy enough for companies with demands that are larger,” he promised.

“ Our focus will be to build on user engagement and help as we strive to become the top C2C stage in the area all sellers on the stage grow and be sustainable in their own marketplaces,” Ho declared.

Now, Shopee can be acquired in Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam.


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