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How To Find Job Vacancies In Malaysia

Making a shortlist of your graduate companies requires some research, but these following hints will help your work search.

Finding Graduate Jobs

Job vacancies are advertised in several areas. Make use of these resources to locate occupations, if job alerts do not tell you automatically, assessing them frequently for updates:

  • Careers fairs, open days and workshops
  • Internet
  • Job Centre
  • Newspapers
  • Professional associations
  • Recruitment agencies
  • Sector-specific websites
  • Social media
  • Trade journals
  • University careers and employability services.

Instead, start your work search now by registering for job alerts or seeking graduate occupations.

Graduate schemes

A number of the world’s biggest firms offer graduate leadership programmes that are competitive. They earn decent wages, increase hands on professional expertise, and get training and skills development. Most sectors has programmes which usually last around a year or two with the likelihood of long-term employment if there is a job vacancy at the end.

This kind of graduate fast-track schemes require much work; firms invest cash and their time, so anticipate your commitment in return. You will normally work in various departments of the organisation including finance, IT, sales, HR, advertising and business management. It’s also possible to work in various places even the other side of the UK, or foreign countries.

Businesses may use the ‘graduate milkround’ to bring university leavers to their general management trainee programmes. These companies hold interviews at targeted associations and give demonstrations.

Application deadlines in many cases are between early spring and fall, with interviews or evaluation centers happening shortly if your first application is successful. Be ready for psychometric, competence-based evaluations through the entire program procedure.

Get started by seeking graduate schemes.


All these are an increasingly common course for pupils to obtain work experience for a unique purpose. They are able to last anywhere between one week to one year, and at times able to get long-term jobs.

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Internships are worth considering if you’re looking to:

  • Boost your CV
  • Network with industry professionals
  • Have an edge when job hunting
  • Confirm that the occupation is suitable for you
  • Acquire valuable techniques and work experience in your chosen field.
  • Job sectors usually offer internships include
  • Media and internet
  • Creative arts and design
  • Marketing, advertising and PR.

Learn more about internships, or investigation work experience as well as Graduate Talent Pool.

Recruitment agencies

Services help with your job search, joining those seeking work with prospective companies. Businesses anticipate candidates to be recommended by recruiting advisers with relevant skills.

Specialist sector occupation services frequently have a wide range of understanding of their unique business. Moreover, they supply guidance to improve your application which they are able to analyse and acquire your skillset to prepare you for interviews. They are also well connected, meaning your CV might be sent to multiple companies. This saves valuable time, particularly when you are already in full time employment.

Learn the best way to get work through recruitment agencies.


Graduate employers that are recruiting can be found:

  • On social media
  • Through professional associations and industry bodies
  • At your university careers and employability service
  • In publications such as The Times Top 100 Graduate Employers.

Nevertheless, be proactive – a few chances might not be advertised. Using speculatively shows future employers your initiative.

Your choices will be influenced by various factors, but contemplate seeking employers using a dedication to diversity and powerful ethical credentials. Assess business sites to find the employer’s degree of dedication to equal opportunities.

Find more by browsing occupation sectors and graduate companies.

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Many job vacancies are concealed, so neglecting the network results in missed chances. Friends, family as well as co-workers should be your starting point, however you can assemble a comprehensive network of contacts that are helpful through workshops, open days and careers fairs. Contacts introduce you to companies with job vacancy, offer job leads, and provide tips and guidance.

Do not be scared to approach people, directly having a conversation may result in work experience as well as job opportunities. Keep in touch, maybe even inquiring whether they are able to recommend you to anyone if a full time work is not accessible. Referral raises your odds of obtaining work and being interviewed.

Make use of pictures, a consistent username, and reference other platforms which you are using to connect with them.


This demands knowledge, enthusiasm, imagination, management, organisation and self-belief.

There are several types of business you could set up:

  • Sole trader
  • Partnership
  • Limited company
  • Franchise
  • Social enterprise
  • Cooperative
  • Charity.

You also have the option to become a consultant or freelancer – a certain popular option for those finding a job within sectors including:

  • Accountancy, banking and finance
  • Creative arts and design
  • Information technology
  • leisure, sport and tourism
  • Media and internet.

Top Five Job Hunting Hints

  1. Network – Request your contacts for chances and guidance, and use career fairs and social media to your benefit. You’d be alarmed how significant connections are when you are trying to find your first graduate job.
  2. Take advantages of auto sites’ occupation updates as this saves you a lot of time.
  3. Remain inspired – Your occupation search will prove effective – if it becomes disheartening, frustrating and arduous occasionally. Inquire for comments if possible.
  4. Target your application – Improve your application’s worth and the individual job specifications of every organisation. Make every cover letter as private to the role and business as possible.
  5. Volunteer – Don’t forget to enquire about vacancies.


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